Collaborative audiovisual installation with Paris Christodoulou.


The installation was part of The Big Mosaic group exhibition, a project of the European Capital of Culture PAFOS2017.
Produced by Kimonos Art Centre in association with the National Superior School of Fine Arts of Paris.

Install Shots:

Our story stems from our time spent abroad in big cities where the skies become over-saturated by artificial lights. When we visit our home town, we find ourselves in awe from the sublime beauty, the sense of wonder and feyness of the stars which are more visible and shine brighter in darkness. While we consider the expansion of our town to be beneficial in various aspects, we can’t help but to be concerned about the diminishing effect this can have on the luminosity of the stars that one takes for granted until it’s lost. We aim to challenge the notion of rapid development, to promote consideration and moderation for the sake of the stellar vibrance. This is only one example of the negative connotations of the modern ideals of development that is relevant to us.

This multimedia installation is a juxtaposition of the traditional and the contemporary that aims to transmit that overwhelming and captivating feeling we experience when we gaze at the stars. Through a combination of projected visuals, hand-pulled screen printed wallpaper, digital illustrations and sound-scape design, we portray our interpretation of both the rugged but also repetitive nature of the stars and constellations. The discourse this artwork belongs to is the post-internet era. For the piece is mostly composed by digital media, the final out- come can only be properly consumed by being present rather than experiencing it on a screen. Thus allowing one to exist in the moment such as the attitude of a stargazer. The decision for the title Dim Bliss serves as another reminder that sometimes darkness can make things brighter.

DIM BLISS Animation: